Where do you live now and where do you come from?
I’m from Boston, where I have lived my whole life. I’m actually in the suburbs, but super close to the city, so it’s nice to have both.

What role are you playing?  What do you like best about your character?
I play Tracy Atkinson. I really enjoy the fact that she gets picked on so much by Mrs. Wilkinson, but that their relationship is so much more complex than that. Andrea, who plays Mrs. W, and I talked about how the teacher can see a lot of herself in Tracy, which is why she is so hard on her, which I think Tracy knows in her heart too, and I think that is really cool.

What character would you love to play some day?
I have so many dream roles but definitely someday I’d love to play Catherine in Newsies and Deb from Ordinary Days.

How do you like Portsmouth? Have you found any favorite spots to visit or eat?
I love Portsmouth! I haven’t gotten to explore too many places yet, but I’ve heard the seafood places are great, so that’s my next stop.

If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would those three things be?
If I could only eat 3 things, they’d be soup, sushi, and brownies.

What is your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is definitely watching Disney channel originals. If I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, I’ll always pick the cheesiest one I can find!

What scares you the most?
The thing that scares me most would be figuring out my collage path because it’s such an unpredictable and changing part of life.

Do you have a favorite quote?
My favorite quote is “though she be but little, she is fierce” from Shakespeare’s Midsummer. I can completely relate to this, since I like to think of myself as a small person with a big personality.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In 10 years, I hope to be continuing my passion of acting on the stage and in film, and hopefully sharing an apartment in NYC with my dog.

Who inspires you the most?
Kristen Chenoweth inspires me so much. Again, I’m a very small person, who aspires to do great things, and she shows me it’s possible.

What is your favorite theater you’ve ever worked in and why is it the Seacoast Rep?
I love the Rep! First of all, the cast and creative team are amazing. Everyone is so kind and talented at what they do. Second, the space is so unique. It’s not like other theaters because in this one, you can feel like you’re right there in the story, which is awesome.

Pets – yes or no?
I do have pets! I have 2 little dogs named Nena and Pinta. The ship names were actually not intentional, so there is no Santa Maria.