Our Coronavirus Response & Cabaret/HAIR Announcement

What to expect when you come back

As we prepare to re-open in a limited way, in accordance with and exceeding all guidelines for the performing arts, The safety of our audience, workers and performers is paramount. While we will not be able to bring the risk to zero, we can use every tool we have available to ensure safety. 

We trust you to know your risks

While our precautions are robust, there is still no vaccine and risk will not be zero. If you are part of a population vulnerable to COVID-19, or live with someone who is, we recommend not attending our performances. 

We will screen every customer at the door. 

There will not be exceptions. We will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer and ask you questions related to COVID-19. If the screening shows a high risk for COVID-19 or other infectious diseases we reserve the right to send you away. We ask that you also screen yourself at home. If you do not pass the screening we will offer to transfer your tickets, however we cannot refund them. 

If there is a back up at the check-in, we will require a socially distanced line, which means you might have to wait in the outdoor elements. Please check the weather and bring appropriate gear to ensure your comfort. 

All customers and non-performing staff will be masked. 

We do expect the use of cloth masks from our patrons covering their nose and mouth, including while they are seated watching the show, with exceptions for eating and drinking. If you have an ADA covered condition that prevents you from wearing a mask you are required to inform us prior to purchasing a ticket so that accommodations may be made if possible. We will not be able to make accommodations at the door as it may require the blocking off of certain sections of seats around you and your party. 

We have fewer seats

We’ve measured distance around seats to ensure social distancing. Shows are likely to sell out quicker, especially premium seating. 

Arrival Time

Our house will be open a half hour before the show, no matter what. We ask that you arrive a half hour before the show and immediately take your seat. Because we will be opening the house one half hour before the show, no matter what, you may see some technical problem solving that happens before every show that we would normally keep behind closed doors. This may be the tail end of a mic check, the fixing of a projector, the refocusing of a light. Many tech issues arise and we will problem solve them to ensure the best performance. We hope you actually enjoy this added experience as it’s unusual for an audience to see!

Things will be a little different

Our new policies are built around safety first. We’ve had to adapt our lobby to minimize social contact to keep both you and our workers safe. Our cast and crew will not be coming out for meet and greets after the show, and we request you keep your distance from them if you see them. 

Box Office

We are at a 30% capacity to ensure social distancing which means that every seat that is for sale is important for us to sell. Because of this, if a section of seats are sold in a block, we ask that you purchase that block of seats. If there is not one that would accommodate your party’s size, please call our box office and they can help you out. If you have purchased a ticket in a block of seats, but have not purchased the entire block of seats, our box office reserves the right to move you to a different location. 

Please use the print-from-home option if possible. You can print out your tickets or use a bar code on your phone that will work with our scanners. We cannot mail your tickets, and we prefer to keep interactions with our box office limited. Our normal box office window will be closed and you may contact a box office attendant in the side window covered with plexiglass, in the case of any ticketing problems.

If you are purchasing tickets to the final two performances of The Andrew’s Brothers, please note this is a livestremed show, and you will be able to see our livestreaming equipment and hear the director giving cues. You will see a live performance that is geared toward multiple cameras and not staged for a live audience. Think of it as a live studio audience experience. Due to the set up of the equipment, seating options are limited. 

Lobby & Concessions

We have removed all of the furniture from our lobby and ask that people only use our lobby to use our restrooms or to visit concessions.

There will be a concessions line with marks on the floor indicating where you should stand. If you are ordering something before the show, we encourage you to make your intermission order as well. There will be slips of paper for you to fill out your order, along with your seat number, and a staff member or volunteer will bring you your items.

We will also have a clearly marked floor for our restroom lines. We will ask for patience and cooperation during intermission to allow all patrons in need of the restroom the amount of time to use them safely. Because of this our intermission time may be a little bit longer than you are used to. 

We will still be selling concessions but our bar will have a limited selection in order to keep the line moving as quickly as possible. We ask that you remember to take your cups bags from your seat when you leave and dispose of them in a trash can in our lobby. Please do not leave cups or bags in your seating area. 


We will be thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces in the restrooms, lobby, and in the theater before the show, before intermission, after intermission, and after the show. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please email our box office at 603-433-4472. Our box office is currently still closed to the public, but you can reach them through email. Our box office will open to the public with limited hours starting soon.

Cabaret/HAIR Announcement

Dear Subscribers & Ticketholders,
We have some news for you, and an important ask, as we prepare to re-open in compliance with the state’s guidance and with utmost caution. 
We’ve already asked a lot of you, and we cannot express our sincere thanks enough for your unending patience and support in the past four months. We’re going to ask for just a little bit more of it while we start working toward a slow re-opening. 
Due to several reasons, we cannot re-open our season with Cabaret. In compliance with our own and state guidelines for COVID-19 safety, we are only able to open at 30% capacity to allow for social distancing. We had planned our year, and our budget, for over 70% capacity. We ran the numbers over and over again to try to make Cabaret work, and it just doesn’t. The only solution would have been to more than double the cost of our tickets, including re-asking subscribers. That didn’t seem fair.
We spent months trying to find titles to replace Cabaret – trying to find a show that we thought our audiences would like that would offer some sort of hybrid livestream, live-audience experience. We couldn’t find a title that would allow this, and trust us when we say we exhausted all options. So we came up with a show that checks off all of our boxes: our team is excited to produce it; we think you’ll enjoy watching it; and we’re being financially responsible in an uncertain time.
We will be presenting HAIR in place of Cabaret. We were excited to produce Cabaret and intend to produce it when it makes sense, but we feel HAIR is a wonderful replacement. We are incredibly excited and grateful to be putting this into production. We hope you feel the same way.
Because we had to reduce our audience size to 30% or so, we had to remove a lot of seats from our theater on a temporary basis. Some of these seats you’ve been sitting in for years, and you purchased as a part of your subscription. We are sorry for this, we wish there were some other way around it. There is not, at least not right now. The safety of our staff, performers, and patrons is our number one priority. Also because we had to reduce our capacity to 30%, this means some of our shows are already oversold, and we will need to move people into other performances. We are asking that if you have a seat to any show opening weekend, especially Preview Night and Opening Night, as well as August 6th, that you check the schedule of shows and see if there is another one we might be able to transfer you into. We will do our absolute best to accommodate and we truly beg your patience. Nobody wanted this. 
This amount of work is going to put an enormous amount of stress on our box office. Please note this is not their fault, and they will be working hard to get you into a show and seat that works for you. Please show them kindness and patience, and if you feel so inclined, say something nice in support of their efforts. 
While we are pulling out all the stops to ensure we meet every safety standard to allow our patrons to return to our theatre, we completely understand if you still don’t feel comfortable attending the show. If you have tickets to Cabaret (now HAIR) and would rather have us turn the tickets into a gift card for later use, just let us know and we will take care of that no questions asked. We will see you again when it’s safe. 
If you have not reached out to the box office to take care of any tickets from shows that were canceled, you can still transfer them into donations or gift cards at any time. We can issue refunds upon request, but this may take 30-40 days, but as have already lost 125 or so shows worth of revenue, we simply do not have the funds to do this in a short amount of time. Our box office is still at reduced hours, but we check our email daily, so please reply with an email at tickets@seacoastrep.org to ensure we can assist you with haste.
We are also working toward slowly re-opening our box office. Starting this week, our box office will be open on Wednesday & Saturday between 12pm – 4pm, by phone call only, or on any days of our live performances. They can be reached at 603-433-4472. 
We will be opening to very limited audiences on July 4th & 5th for the livestream of our final weekend of “The Andrews Brothers” . If you would like to come witness what it’s like to livestream a show, tickets are for sale. Please visit our website at https://seacoastrep.org/coronavirus/ before purchasing or transferring any ticket, as we have made a lot of changes to ensure we are making our environment as safe as possible. Please note, because our performers cannot wear masks, we are making masks mandatory. If you have a disability that prevents you from wearing a mask, we ask you to communicate this with our box office ahead of time so we can make proper accommodations if possible. 
Lastly, we have added Hedwig and the Angry Inch and the Rocky Horror show to our schedule as well. We expect tickets to sell quickly, so please check out dates and purchase your tickets.
Thank you for your understanding. We promise we will honor our obligations and your investment in our theatre responsibly and to the best of our ability.
Thank you,
Kathleen Cavalaro