Our Coronavirus Response

What to expect when you come back

The safety of our audience, workers, and performers is paramount. While we will not be able to bring the risk to zero, we can use every tool we have available to ensure safety.

We trust you to know your risks

If you are part of a population vulnerable to COVID-19, we recommend using discretion when choosing whether or not to attend a performance. Know your own risks, and act accordingly.

Mask use is recommended but optional.

For patrons and staff, mask use is recommended but optional. Masks will be available for free at the Box Office if you or anyone in your party requires a mask upon arrival.

Box Office

While most seats in the theatre are open, we do still offer socially distanced seating in sections A & E. If you have a preference, please note at time of purchase which section you are choosing. If upon arrival to the theatre you feel uncomfortable in your chosen section because of proximity to others, alert the Box Office and we will do our best to move to you to a more socially distanced seat, if available.


We thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces in the restrooms, lobby, and in the theater before and after every show.

Our updated HVAC system is cleaned and maintained regularly and our industrial strength air exchange system is run a full hour before showtime, again at intermission and as the audiences leave the theatre.

Your safety is our first priority

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our box office or call us at 603-433-4472 during normal box office hours.