Our Coronavirus Response

Your safety is important to us

Throughout the pandemic, The Seacoast Rep has been a leader in safety measures for our audiences, performers and staff. As we head into a new phase of the pandemic with safe, effective vaccines, we can begin the process of returning to normal. The constantly changing nature of this pandemic requires us to act nimbly and respond to current information and case data. All the following policies are created with the understanding that the scope of the pandemic continues to improve and cases continue to decrease. Should the situations locally and nationally change, we reserve the right to adjust our policies at any time.

We trust you to know your risks

Depending on your vaccination status, personal health history, and personal considerations we trust you to know what precautions you must take to protect yourself. The CDC has guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals and we encourage you to take all precautions you need when entering spaces with other individuals.

Masks are encouraged for all patrons

The evidence and guidance is clear that the best way to protect yourself from any possible infection transmission is by using a mask. As the CDC guidance continues to show that vaccinated people are safe, wearing masks in public spaces will no longer be required when in the building or when watching a performance. Masks however will be encouraged for our patrons coming in to see a show. We are lucky to have a majority of all employees, cast and production staff fully vaccinated, which allows for greater flexibility of mask usage with other key metrics remaining favorable.

The strength of Seacoast Rep’s policies has been quickly pivoting and adapting to constantly changing circumstances. With this in mind, should any major dynamics shift regarding the state of the pandemic, we reserve the right to change this policy to best maintain the safety of our patrons, staff, performers and crew.

We will begin the process of increasing available seats

Throughout the run of Cabaret we are continuing to employ socially distant seating for our patrons. We are currently only selling 44% of our available seats. If the trajectory of the pandemic continues and cases continue to decline we will be releasing a plan to increase seating capacity. For the run of Cabaret we will continue seating as we have and increase our seating starting with this fall’s mainstage productions.


Our house will be open a half hour before the show. We ask you to still depart in a timely fashion after the show so all surfaces can still be sanitized.

Box Office

We are at a 44% capacity to ensure social distancing which means that every seat that is for sale is important for us to sell. Because of this, if a section of seats are sold in a block, we ask that you purchase that block of seats. If there is not a block of seats that would accommodate your party’s size, please call our box office and they can help you out. If you have purchased a ticket in a block of seats, but have not purchased the entire block of seats, our box office reserves the right to move you to a different location.


We will be thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces in the restrooms, lobby, and in the theater before and after the show.

Our recently updated HVAC system is cleaned and maintained regularly and our industrial strength air exchange system is run a full hour before show time, again at intermission and as the audiences leave the theatre.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our box office or call us at 603-433-4472. Our box office is open to limited hours.
If you have interest in reading the contracts, policies and procedures regarding our COVID-19 safety protocols given to every staff member, artist, designer, volunteer and contractor that spends any time in any of our facilities, please click here.