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The Fantasticks

February 12th – March 27th

Music by                    Book and Lyrics by

Harvey Schmidt          Tom Jones

Directed by
Brandon James and Ben Hart with Choreography by Alyssa Dumas and Jason faria

The longest running musical of all time comes to Seacoast Rep!
The Fantasticks is a timeless, transcendent story of a boy, a girl, a romance, and two fathers keeping them apart.
Filled with humor and heart, subtle poetry, and grand music – The Fantasticks is a simple love story told with music that has stood the test of time and delighted audiences for decades.
This show is available for both live and – for one of the first times ever – livestreamed performances.
If you are attending a live performance, know that our seating is limited and you will be subject to our COVID-19 guidelines, including screening at the door. If you are not in good health, at risk, or unwilling to wear a mask, please enjoy another way or enjoy another show.