PAPA History

The Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts was founded in 1985 by Eileen and Roy Rogosin of Los Angeles, who moved to the Seacoast to start a performance school and company. They established PAPA in the Button factory on Islington street. In 1986 they took up residency in a late 19th century brewery warehouse on Portsmouth’s historic Bow Street that housed the Theatre by the Sea, converted into theatre space by Joseph Sawtelle and the Bow Street Theatre Trust in an effort to improve the culture and economy of Portsmouth. In 1988 it became the Seacoast Repertory Theatre.

2018 Season

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2017 Season

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2016 Season

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2015 Season

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2014 Season

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2013 Season

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2012 Season

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2011 Season

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2010 Season

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2009 Season

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2008 Season

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2007 Season

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2006 Season

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2005 Season

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2004 Season

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2003 Season

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2002 Season

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2001 Season

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2000 Season

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1999 Season

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1998 Season

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Previous Productions

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