By Jeanné McCartin

Seacoast Repertory Theatre has set a considerable task for its 2019 launch. Its first play is a big name, much loved, and, production-wise, a sizable challenge.

The play is “Billy Elliot, The Musical,” which requires its boy lead to be accomplished in dancing, singing and acting. As a production, it’s equally daunting. Hit the mark wrong and this one could swing from professional to community production in a single arabesque or treble step.

“I had a few titles that were given to me as suggestions and I ended up going with ‘Billy Elliot,’ because it was a recognizable title, and such a heartwarming story of acceptance and love,” Interim Artistic Director Jamie Bradley says. “It’s also a large show to produce, so I wanted to kick the season off big.”

Nothing is being left to chance, he says. All that can be done is being done to ensure a polished, and powerful show.

But it’s a right challenge, this one.

Admittedly it proved “bigger than we anticipated,” he says. “But not in a terrifying way.”

“It’s certainly more challenging, which makes it more exciting. There’s more effort, more creativity in the pre-production alone on this than normal, which is great,” Bradley says. “It keeps everyone on their toes.”

“Billy Elliot, The Musical” is based on the eponymous 2000 film, and features music by Elton John, and book and lyrics by Lee Hall (who wrote the film’s screenplay).

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