Seacoast Repertory Theatre christens new season ‘Recover’

By Jeanné McCartin

The Seacoast Rep’s 2021 season, which opens Jan. 28,  is the Rep doing what it does, introducing the new, keeping the traditional, playing it safe, and a bit risky, this time all in the name of “Recover.”

“‘Recover’ is the seasonal theme,” Co-Artistic Director Brandon James says.

It’s a big basket, piled with the theater’s own 2020 stresses and financial hits, along with the emotional, psychological and all-encompassing toll the year took on the community, inside and outside the theater’s walls.

It was a rough one. Yet the Rep found itself a playing field in 2020. It mastered livestreaming and organized a safe house, inclusive of a staffing structure, formalized and carried into 2021.

If all goes to plan, it will offer 12 main-stage productions, along with additional ongoing series and programs this season.

“Recover” won’t soft-peddle the past year’s difficulties, or the ones yet to be faced, James says. The 2021 collection will take them head on: suicide, mental illness, racism, growing up, facing the real world and more.

“We’ve talked a lot about the responsibility of storytellers … the artist as storyteller. We have a responsibility to theater as a practice in examining the human condition,” James says.  “A responsible storyteller will … leave you with a feeling of ‘look and acknowledge,’ but experiencing it together.”


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