The mission of our Sol Series is to amplify the voices of people of color and diversity by bringing forward important stories of heritage, culture, and diverse perspectives to the American theatre scene and the souls of all mankind. Its goal is not just to produce BIPOC Stories, but also to make theater programs and education accessible to marginalized people in our community. Working hand in hand with our youth programming, we incorporate BIPOC education into our Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts, so the next generation can be free of the systemic issues that have plagued our society since the dawn of this country.

Seacoast Repertory Theatre is dedicated to attracting and hiring more BIPOC employees, independent contractors, performers, and designers, not just for our Sol Series, but throughout every branch of our organization. Diversity in casting and production teams is not limited to skin color or racial background, but includes a rainbow of gender identity, sexual identity, and disability. Being inclusive of a broad spectrum of identities is not to us a “creative concept”, but simply a reflection of the world around us that we have found to be deeply appreciated by our audiences. At Seacoast Repertory Theatre, it is our goal to normalize “untraditional” casting, create an environment that celebrates the stories of all people, and present work with original viewpoints that challenges the expectations of our core demographic.

What People are Saying

  • “...The talent in this show was incredible! We were left speechless and paralyzed at the end…walked out in a daze asking, “What just happened?” And my friends and I are still reflecting and discussing with each other today. So powerful…I may have to go back again once I’ve had time to digest! Bravo!”

  • "An absolutely remarkable show... I’m still processing it. Just remarkable performances all around! What a talented group of people."

  • "Fantastic production — highly recommended!

    I’ve seen many productions of Cabaret through the years and this one tops them all.

    Do yourself a favor and get yourself to Seacoast Rep!"

  • "Was visiting family in the area for a few days and decided to attend one of the shows. We were so impressed and enjoyed the show so much. Never so happy. We had seen this play a few places but we couldn’t stop talking about that performance. A great night!!"

  • "One of the best performances I have ever seen."

  • - Linda

    “We have been members for many years and have enjoyed each moment”

    “We have been members for many years and have enjoyed each moment. The dedication, talent and professionalism of each and every performer, not to mention all the support staff is truly amazing. Love you all.”
    - Linda
  • - Melanie

    “Wish we had discovered the theater earlier.​”

    - Melanie
  • - Heidi

    “I can’t say enough about the Rep — it is worth the trip EVERY time! ”

    “I have seen a handful of shows at Seacoast and have never left disappointed. As a lifelong theater nut who is also a musical director and music teacher, I am always impressed with the professional level of this little gem of a company from the sets to costumes to the INCREDIBLE talent displayed every time... I can’t say enough about the Rep — it is worth the trip EVERY time!”
    - Heidi
  • - Adrienne

    “Such an amazing assortment of shows and talent displayed.”

    “My husband has gifted me tickets to a couple of shows here, once as a date with him and once as a date with our oldest daughter. Both were as different as they could possibly be but each was amazing in their own rights. Such an amazing assortment of shows and talent displayed.”
    - Adrienne