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Stokely & Martin/Naveah’s Brother

by Najee Brown

Live and Streaming

January 28 – March 21st

Directed by
Sandi Clark Kaddy / Denise Gordon

The Reps’ Mainstage season opens on January 28 with the two short plays by Najee Brown – Available both live and livestreamed
Stokely & Martin is an imagined depiction of a real-life discussion between Martin Luther King, as the recognized “father” of the civil rights movement, and a young Stokely Carmichael, who challenged King with more confrontive call for “Black power” and opposition to the Vietnam War.
Brown’s second play, Nevaeh’s Brother depicts the familial love between an African-American woman and her younger brother, who is in trouble and on the run.
“I’m hoping that the people in the audience will find some way to connect with any of these characters whether they agree with them or not, and from that connection, then really assess their actions,” Brown said. “You hope that people get to see the humanity being depicted in front of them.”
Brown said the plays, when staged together, represent a whole that could be entitled “Black Nobility, Black Identity.”
“The reason why I say ‘Black nobility’ is because no matter what these people have done, they’re still inherently noble. And ‘Black identity,’ because identity is the number one thing that has been stripped away for so long, and rediscovering your identity and who you are in this world is essential to who you become and how do you turn out.”
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