Teen Resident Artist Apprenticeship

Auditions December 2020



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Teen Resident Artist Apprenticeship


We are excited to announce we will be expanding our Teen Resident Artist Apprenticeship in the year 2021. Auditions will be in early December.

The idea of the Teen Resident Apprenticeship is to provide teens that plan to pursue a career in the performing arts an opportunity to get a broad spectrum of experience in every aspect of production to give them good habits, a respect for the work, and a competitive chance in the professional world. 

In 2020, we created our Teen Resident Apprenticeship as an experiment with a talented young performer, Bay Goulet, who had proven herself able to rise to the challenge. In the short four months of this program, Bay has expanded her skill set and leadership. She has choreographed children’s shows, lead instruction for adults, and served as both crew and performer in mainstage shows.

“My experiences here at the Rep have been invaluable!  I have learned more than I ever could have dreamed of knowing at the age of 16!  I have worked with directors and actors straight from New York and some of the most talented people on the seacoast.  And the relationships and bonds I’ve built are unbreakable.” – Bay Goulet

We think there are more out there like Bay. So, we will be adding 1-2 Teen Resident Artists to our 2021 season. Teen RAs will have the opportunity to sit down with our Artistic Directors and Executive Director and map out a year that will highlight their strengths as a performer while allowing them to explore and strengthen other talents. No two RAs will have the same experience, as they are custom tailored to the individual, however an experience may look something like the following:

  • Perform in mainstage shows 
  • Be an assistant director of a show 
  • Be an assistant stage manager of a show
  • Teach or help teach a performing arts class
  • Learn how to operate a light board and design lighting
  • Learn effective marketing strategies
  • Learn effective fundraising strategies
  • Help with other aspects of production and design based on their unique talents.

Over the course of the year, an RA will have hundreds of hours of hands-on work, learning from professionals from around the country or even the world. 

Our interest is in developing artists that will be an asset to our theatre community. There are no fees to participate in the program, if accepted. The Seacoast Rep will provide a weekly stipend to help cover travel expenses. 

Teens who may apply must be:

  • Between the ages of 15- 19, as of January 1st 2021
  • Must have at least 200 RA credits* from January 1 2019 – December 31 2020
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from the theater
  • Must have a flexible schedule after school hours
  • Must provide two letters of recommendation
  • Must demonstrate a professional attitude


RA Credits
We take the education of our young performers seriously. Their dream is our dream, and we want to help them achieve it. It is important our RAs come into this program with good habits, a healthy and positive attitude, and a willingness to grow, learn, and collaborate. 
Teens applying for our Teen RG program must have at least 200 RA credits built between a two year span. Here is an example of how credits can be earned through our Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts:

  • Voice Lessons through Seacoast Rep | 5 RA Credits per session
  • Performing in a Seacoast Repertory Theatre mainstage show | 50 RA Credits
  • PAPA Classes & Workshops | 5 – 50 RA Credits (each one is different and will be specified in each class/workshop description) 
  • 3-Week Teen Intensive | 150 RA Credits
  • PAPA Vacation Camps | 20 RA Credits
  • Teen Mainstage Productions | 40 RA Credits
  • PAPA Summer Camp Camper or CIT | 25 RA Credits

If you have any questions about our Teen RA program, please email youthadmin@seacoastrep.org

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