Theater Review: ’Tick, Tick … Boom’ is superb in script and performances

by Jeanne McCartin

“Tick, Tick… Boom!” at Seacoast Rep, is a sweet little package. The vehicle is fairly light, and entertaining and the drivers superb.

The musical was written by composer Jonathan Larson, who also penned “Rent.”

It’s the ’90s, New York City, and promising playwright Jon is about to reach his thirtieth birthday. The landmark finds him stuck at “promising” and with mounting anxiety.

Micheal, his best friend since childhood, left acting for a high-paying advertisement job (and a snappy BMW). He’s nudging Jon toward a similar move. Susan, his girlfriend, is starting to think about having a family. She’s done with New York and the struggle of theater life, and wants to move out of the city.

Torn, and angst ridden, Jon feels the pressure to examine his life; Is he on the right path or does he need to follow either Michael or Susan and choose a new direction – Things are going to change.

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