The Rep's $120k Annual Appeal

Spring is here! It’s one of our favorite times of the year - wonderful weather, bright colors, and the city coming to life right as our season here at The Rep kicks into full throttle. It’s also the time of year that we ask for your participation in everything we do. The Rep is a community supported organization, and that means it’s your help that allows us to create the art on our stage. Now is when you can play your part in the art!
The Rep is a professional regional powerhouse, bringing in artists from around the globe to create the highest caliber performances right here in Portsmouth. This not only shares world class art with the community, but also gives artists a living wage in an environment that fosters intense creativity and professional development. It’s a collaborative relationship that benefits everyone - and it has its roots deep in American history.

Did you know the history of theatre on Bow Street predates the birth of the entire nation? At one time, Portsmouth was referred to as the theatre district of the 13 colonies, attracting artists from far and wide to create and share important new works from around the world. Later, in the early 20th century, the “Little Theatre” movement created a massive boom for theatrical arts in cities from coast to coast, and it was from this movement’s renaissance in the 1960s that “Theatre By The Sea” was born. Built with the intention of bringing the flame of Broadway to our community, it came with a promise: to raise up, to enlighten, to educate, and to share professional artistic excellence with the region. When Theatre By The Sea went bankrupt and was reconstituted as The Seacoast Repertory Theatre in the late 80s, the rich traditions of these deep American roots were carried on. To this day, The Rep still proudly plays its irreplaceable role as a source of live art with the power to supply a cathartic jolt, reminding us all what it means to be alive.

Theatre has always represented the best of humanity, and can teach us all more than a few lessons in discipline, teamwork and adaptability. It hones our empathic abilities, and allows us to reflect on our shared humanity. In our world of technological inundation and fast media, theatre remains one of the few times we put down our phones and come together as a community, to share in this most ancient and visceral of artforms. It has a way of expanding minds, uplifting hearts, and is a vital piece of an evolved society.

We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We realize the massive effect we have on the region, which is why we strive to bring only the most exceptional professional artists from around the world into this community to live, work, play, and create. It is through transcendent experiences on our stage that we can effect change. It’s a collaborative effort that needs your support as much as it needs our hard work and dedication. The roaring fire of art and creativity here at The Rep is made possible by you bringing your kindling to keep the flames fully stoked.

If you would like to join us in our mission, it’s not hard at all to make a difference. Don’t be shy! Play your part in the art, and help create a thriving hub of artists and creativity that truly makes the world a better place.

From the depths of our hearts, we thank you for your support!

Ben Hart & Brandon James, Executive Artistic Directors

Alyssa Dumas, Associate Artistic Director


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