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Seacoast Repertory Theatre is a regional staple of the American theatre scene. It is relentless in its pursuit of artistic excellence, and strives to provide the shared experience of live theatre as a practice in walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. This practice affords humanity a more vast perspective, a respite from our individual reality, and the opportunity to broaden our views and examine the human condition in ways that enrich our hearts, spirits and minds. It is our hope that this cultivates a more empathetic society.

Theatre is one of the oldest art forms in human history, and also one of mankind’s most all encompassing and collaborative art forms. At the Rep, we always emphasize the importance of even the smallest of helpers in our artistic endeavors. At the Rep, “there are no small parts,” on or off the stage. Everyone who helps create a performance, from pulling a rope backstage, focusing a light, or ushering a show, is part of our ensemble - and it’s easy for you to be a part of it too! Any donation, large or small, makes you a direct collaborator in the wonderful art we make.

When you make a tax deductible donation, you are just as important to making the art on the stage as any actor, designer or director. You pay for the sets, the scripts, the band - and when you come to the theatre and watch a show, you can have the pleasure of knowing “I helped make that!”

We are excited to ask you for your support today. We have some incredible plans and it is your generosity and support that will make them reality. The Rep strives to be a generator of new experiences, and we are constantly researching new artistic avenues and innovating with audacity within our organization and community.

It is the belief of the many artists and creators at Seacoast Rep that art is a healer in times of adversity, and throughout the challenges of pandemic The Rep never left its post. By quarantining staff and company members, we were able to provide light to the community through free live streams to nursing homes and first responders, and education and fitness programming to children and families. During our Friday Night Cabarets, thousands of people came together in our chat rooms to celebrate art and connection at a time when the world seemed devoid of both.

While these last two years have given rise to many trials for the worldwide artistic industry, as well as the economy and community at large, it has also garnered Seacoast Rep both national and international recognition for our work during the pandemic. The world is taking note of the art we are producing at 125 Bow Street, and with your support The Rep can take the next steps towards being an important player in the fabric of the American theatre scene.

Seacoast Repertory Theatre is an essential service to the community. Join us in enriching the community through the shared experience of live theatre, and giving thousands of patrons the thrill and life changing cathartic experience that only live theatre arts can bring.

Ben Hart & Brandon James, Artistic Directors

Alyssa Dumas, Associate Artistic Director


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