The Seacoast Repertory Theatre is more than just an entertainment venue. As a premier regional Production House, we create professional theatre from the ground up, every week of the year. From the dazzling lights and intricate sound designs to the meticulously crafted costumes, special effects and showstopping choreography, every aspect of our productions are born right here in the minds of the artists we employ. But what is a “Production House”? What does that mean exactly, and why does it make Portsmouth special to have one?
As a major contributor to the American Theatre Scene, we approach each show in our season as if it’s the first time each story has ever been told, aiming to create singular presentations of even the most beloved classics. To bring these unique perspectives to life, we curate teams of professional artists, technicians, craftspeople, builders, stitchers, designers, architects, electricians, musicians, and dancers for each production. We hire hundreds of diverse, creative wizards from around the world to work, live and play in Portsmouth, NH. The result of these efforts are one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences that can only be witnessed right here within our historic walls, helping make Portsmouth a perfectly unique destination. In fact, more than 65% of our audiences come from more than an hour away. Tourists from around the globe come to experience the magic that is the heartbeat of every Seacoast Repertory Theatre performance.

The impact of our work is unmistakable. A recent study by Americans For The Arts reveals that arts and culture organizations infused over $70 million into the greater Portsmouth economy last year. In fact, each time a patron visits The Rep, they spend an average of $37-$66 outside of the theatre through local dining, shopping, parking, accommodations, and more. With nearly 50,000 art lovers gracing our premises annually, in addition to the hundreds of professional artists we bring in who live and spend locally, millions of dollars are poured into the local economy as a direct result of the art on our stage. The Rep is more than a theatre; we’re an economic pillar of Portsmouth.

Yet, for all we contribute to the cultural and economic fabric of the region, ticket sales alone cannot sustain us, especially if we aim to keep our shows accessible to everyone. Nationally, regional production houses like ours depend on 30%-50% of their yearly revenue from grants, donations, and sponsorships. Without escalating ticket prices, our only path to offering this high quality, accessible art, not to mention fair and equitable wages for our dedicated team, lies in your hands in your support during our fall fund drive.
Creating original art is hard work, but it’s what makes The Rep special. Your contribution to The Rep ensures that nationally renowned, original art will continue to have a home in this historic city. Join us in fostering this artistic movement, with your tax-deductible donation today!

Ben Hart & Brandon James, Executive Artistic Directors

Alyssa Dumas, Associate Artistic Director


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