Drag Night! At the Rep

Drag Nights at the Rep!

Grab the girls, get the gays – everyone is welcome! We have gathered a troupe of drag divas from all around to give performances you won’t soon forget! Live singing queens, comedy queens, fierce lip sync presentations, performance art queens, group drag production numbers, top notch imitations, a drag king, puppets, naughty prizes and more.

This isn’t your regular drag show. This is an all-out, balls-out singing, dancing, raunchy, sexy set of drag nights with performances that will have you snatching your wig off.

Join us for a mostly monthly performance from Seacoast Rep’s glittery, sassy, and definitely classy queens. We got themes, henny!

80s Night
April 8th, 8pm

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it, as long as it’s drag queens spilling 80’s tea. We’re talking big hair, neon, ripped jeans, lycra, original nintendo, thong leotards, and a president that most definitely would have been cool with all of this (editor’s note: we should check on that). Pat Benatar herself may show up. It’s not likely, but it’s possible.

Either way, our beautiful kings and queens, who may or may not have been alive during a good chunk of the 80’s will be slaying with tons of performances – dance, synch, vocals, special talents, big group numbers, all of it.

Honey Punch, Amber Alyrt, Questian Marc, Veronica T, Savannah Steele, and more.